My Top 10 Favorite Pulls

  1. Burning Shadows Secret Rare Charizard

Pulled from a burning shadows pack out of a random promo box, this Charizard came as a huge surprise. I was so excited to post it on TikTok that I accidentally posted it without any sound, effects, or transitions and had to repost it later.

2. Vivid Voltage Ultra Rare Pikachu

I went through over 200 Vivid Voltage packs looking for the secret rare Pikachu and even though I didn’t end up getting it, I did pull a couple of these guys that helped make up for it a little bit.

3. Cosmic Eclipse Secret Rare Steelix

This was the first ever secret rare that I pulled and I was so new to collecting that I didn’t even know it was a secret rare at first. After taking I closer look I realized what it was and was super pumped.

4. Hidden Fates Secret Rare Moltres, Zapdos, & Articuno

One of the best pulls I have ever had on stream, this beauty came surprised me and the people that were watching while also making sure I had pulled every version of the three birds from the set.

5. Vivid Voltage Amazing Rare Rayquaza

Christmas day pack battle with my brother, we were splitting three packs and whoever got the better pull out of their first got the last pack. This legend came through for me getting me another pack and my first amazing rare.

6. Sun and Moon Secret Rare Rotom Dex

Not the first gold that I ever pulled but definitely the coolest and my favorite considering Sun and Moon can be underwhelming at times.

7. Rebel Clash Secret Rare Cinderace

Another set where the chase cards aren’t the greatest but pulling one of the starters and the one I used during my sword and shield play through made the booster box worth it.

8. Shiny Star V Shiny Orbeetle

I would love to open more Shiny Star packs but as of right now Orbeetle is my favorite pull from such an amazing set of cards.

9. Hidden Fates Ultra Rare Shiny Alolan Ninetales

Who doesn’t love shiny pokemon? And being one of the original 151 definitely helps Ninetales earn a spot in my top 10 favorite pulls.

10. Darkness Ablaze Ultra Rare Crobat

Now I know it is the most valuable card but to me, it is one of the best looking cards in my collection.

Above are my favorite cards that I pulled myself! They aren’t the rarest or most valuable but each of them earned a spot on this list for one reason or another. Let me know what you think of my list and what your favorite pulls are and remember to have fun and keep on collecting, good luck out there!

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